What is Team Unbreakable?

Team Unbreakable


UNBREAKABLE.This one word simply describes how we want youth to feel. Our goal is for teens to be strong & resilient. We want to give them the tools and resources that instill the confidence to overcome the many challenges that they are facing; our desire is for them to be “UNBREAKABLE”.


There is HOPE

Team UNBREAKABLE was inspired by a young woman who described to us how she felt when she was running. In her battle against depression and mental illness, she said the energy and the empowerment she received through her run-group therapy program made her feel unbreakable.

The Team Unbreakable name encompasses all our running and high school programs. We believe the Team Unbreakable name will inspire all who run as part of Team Unbreakable. Team Unbreakable programs will work with youth to show them that physical exercise can help them cope with their underlying conditions and raise awareness of teen mental health issues.


How we help

At Team Unbreakable, we partner with high schools and community organizations to start recreational teen run groups in support of mental health. This means that all teens are welcome to run with us in a safe and supportive environment, regardless of their state of mental health. We also work with hospitals and family health teams to implement teen running therapy programs for those who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. These groundbreaking therapy programs have been shown to help teens tremendously in their battle against mental illness.


How YOU can help

The following links will take you to the home site of CameronHelps, the charity behind TeamUnbreakable programs and funding. Help us to expand these programs into more schools so that we can help more of our youth.