When you run with others, you can go far!

From: David Harris, Founder of CameronHelps

I want to share with you something that happened just last weekend.

We had our Team Unbreakable race in Toronto. I met Maggie MacDonnell a Teacher from Salluit, a village in Northern Quebec, population 1,300 the second furthest village in Quebec on the northern tip of Hudson Bay, over 2,000 kms north of Port Credit.

It just worked out that Maggie was here with seven of her students and they decided to participate in our even. Maggie, I will also add, was the recipient of the 2017 Global Teacher of the Year award. If you get a chance please watch her video, she talks about her running group–she describes running to her students like this: “when you run by yourself you can go fast, but when you run with others, you can go so far.”I love that. She goes on to say how running has helped her students in so many ways.

When Carl and I met them, within seconds there was warmth and understanding that I had never experienced before. You see they not only understood the benefits of running and physical exercise as it relates to mental health–they understand the importance of community, the importance of helping each other, and loving one another no matter what.

This is a community that has one of the worst serious suicide rates in the nation. One of her students shared with me that she had lost four family members to suicide. Their issues, some would say, are extreme but all the same this village, this community is part of Canada and they are part of who we all are as Canadians.
Their perspective, and courage to speak out can change and save lives, they had an incredible impact on me that day and I hope someday we can visit them.

Team Unbreakable is not just about running it is about so much more. We have witnessed first hand year in a year out how it changes lives. Helping to move young person, even slightly in a different direction, a direction that can save not only their life, but enable them to save others.