We value the feedback and insight of our participants – both youth and coaches. The Team Unbreakable Program is proven, effective, and most importantly, enjoyed. Please read below for testimonials from coaches and runners.


Team Unbreakable changed my life.

Kai, John Polyani CI 

It truly is amazing to see what the kids can achieve, given the opportunity and the motivation. And you should see the smiles on their faces when they come to school on Monday wearing their t-shirts and medals…this program is having a significant school-wide impact. Thank you Team Unbreakable!

Team Lead, Toronto

Team Unbreakable brought out the best in my students.

Program Lead, Toronto

My favourite moments have been hearing from parents how they have seen their kids change throughout the program. One parent reported an increase in confidence as their child saw themselves improve through practice. Another parent told me that when their child is struggling with something, they remind them they are unbreakable and that helps them work through their challenge.

Survey Respondent

Participant Reflections on improved Quality of Life 

If I had been angry during the day… I use it like a reset button and when I’m done, I’ll feel calm, energized and that sort of thing… I end up going home feeling a lot better.

High School Participant

My lifestyle for food also changed and I didn’t crave a lot of things. Sometimes I would be craving junk but when I ran, I didn’t find myself craving a lot of junk and I just found myself craving more like fruits and vegetables, just healthier things. I was pretty surprised with myself about that.

High School Participant 

Participant Reflections on improved Social Supports 

Because we had been working for it for so long, it was just like really accomplishing to cross the finish line. Even before the race, my whole group got together, we stretched together, and we got ourselves prepared.  Even while I was running, if I passed by someone, …. we would high five as we went past. When we were actually near the finish line, the people who were there that were already finished, they would cheer you on a lot as you finished.

High School Participant