The Team Unbreakable Run Program is our flagship school program. It reaches hundreds of students each semester in a safe and supportive environment. The sessions are aimed at teaching students the importance of physical activity on mental health and well-being. The coaches include a teacher / staff member from each school, and may also include social workers, guidance counsellors, or other local volunteers.

The program involves a twice-weekly hands-on running session with students, and it lasts 10-12 weeks. Before each non-competitive training run, participants are taught about key life hacks associated with a topic like wellness, nutrition, setting smart goals, stress reduction, motivation, improving focus, mindfulness, mental wellness, creating a balanced life, injury prevention, proper equipment to use and stretching exercises. These are all laid out in our curriculum. Often guest speakers are invited to talk about their experiences and to add “real-life” meaning to subject material. Each of the students are given a run log which they use to chart their progress and literally see how their mood is improved by running.

The session ends with a “goal” event (such as the “Bold and Cold” in the late Fall and the Father’s Day Run), in which Team Unbreakable schools come together with the community to run a 5k route where there are medals, food and cheering crowds.