Currently there are three hospital-based Team Unbreakable programs in Ontario: Trillium Health Partners Mississauga, St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, and Brampton Civic.

Each have lots of success stories to tell about its run-therapy programs. The program is being embraced because of the overwhelming need for this type of program.

Overall, 6.5% of youth in the 15-24 year age group are depressed. Run therapy has been shown to help a person physically, socially and emotionally. As well, participants experience less anxiety, improved mood and self-esteem. Within the hospital environment, the program provides opportunities to conduct series of measurements to determine benefits of run-therapy. At St. Joseph’s for example, there are weekly questionnaires and blood work tests for participants. Qualitative interviews also help to draw out more responses. Beyond the mood changes are the helpful relationships that develop, program leaders say. There are supportive connections with people that push you further: group members are open, upbeat, and welcoming.