Community Running Programs are part of a “continuum” of mental health programs For kids and youth provided by / supported by Team Unbreakable that engage and empower young people. Organizations which fall under this umbrella of activity include university and colleges, municipal recreation programs, private sector companies (e.g. sports apparel, fitness and health), church or community groups, and more. The core teaching from the program is taken from the school run program, to provide another outlet for kids / youth if there is not a Team Unbreakable Run Program in their area, or to provide additional support during summers and weekends. Students who find they “need” the program, will have opportunities to continue running. Youth, by definition, extend beyond the high school age groups and this enables us to provide programming that reaches high school graduates or specifically the 18-24 age group.


If you would like to speak to our program director to establish a
program in your community, contact Nils at