Team Unbreakable staff are available for a variety of presentations and workshops on wellness, mental health, and the Team Unbreakable Run Program.

In addition, the following professionals are available:


Deb Taylor – MYndful Movement – Strengthen the Body * Calm the Mind

While trying yoga and stretching movements, students of all ages release tension and focus on the present moment.
Sometimes music is used to calm the mind as creativity flows through movement.

Breath Work and visualization is used to set positive intentions, to let go of the negative and to relax the mind.

(905) 302-7838


Runner’s Academy

LEARN.MOVE.RUN. They are a health and wellness studio providing a one-stop-shop for the therapy and training needs of all levels of runners in the community. Their mission is: LEARN.MOVE.RUN indicates theimission in order of importance to us.  Their staff have facilitated workshops for us on stretching, strength, pre-run dynamic movement, and mindset.

(437) 889-5440