We are looking for caring, talented individuals to help. Please review our committee summary below and what each committee does to determine where you think you would best fit.


Run Buddy

A run buddy commits to running with a school team(s) once a week. You’ll need to complete a Vulnerable Sector Police background check that we’ll faciliate and pay for. Run buddies support our school teams. It’s simple: commit to a school that works for you (I’ll introduce for the first run), and just run alongside and inspire the kids.

Guest Speaker / Facilitator

A guest speaker visits a school(s) and gives a talk on something running/mental health related. Past guest speakers have spoken to resilience, marathon training, ultra-marathoning, and even neuroscience as it relates to exercise. This is a “one off” activity, so it won’t require a weekly commitment.

General Promotion / Fundraising

Unable to be physically present to volunteer? That’s okay! We can always use help promoting our events and programs. We also have a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that any runner can do. It’s called the U1000. The object is simple. Run a 1000K and raise a $1000 in support of Team Unbreakable. Contact Nils for more information if interested.