We are looking for caring, talented individuals to help. If you are interested in volunteering with Team Unbreakable please email Hugh at hughw@teamunbreakable.ca Please review our committee summary below and what each committee does to determine where you think you would best fit.

Please contact Nils Blondon, Program Coordinator of Team Unbreakable, if you are interested in any of the Volunteer Roles below.  He can be reached at nilsb@teamunbreakable.ca or by tel: 416-803-5925

Run Buddy

A run buddy commits to running with a school team(s) once a week. You’ll need to complete a Vulnerable Sector Police background check that we’ll faciliate and pay for. Run buddies support our school teams. It’s simple: commit to a school that works for you (I’ll introduce for the first run), and just run alongside and inspire the kids.

Guest Speaker / Facilitator

A guest speaker visits a school(s) and gives a talk on something running/mental health related. Past guest speakers have spoken to resilience, marathon training, ultra-marathoning, and even neuroscience as it relates to exercise. This is a “one off” activity, so it won’t require a weekly commitment.

General Promotion / Fundraising

Unable to be physically present to volunteer? That’s okay! We can always use help promoting our events and programs. We also have a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that any runner can do. It’s called the U1000. The object is simple. Run a 1000K and raise a $1000 in support of Team Unbreakable. Contact Nils for more information if interested.