We are looking for caring, talented individuals to help. If you are interested in volunteering with Team Unbreakable please email Hugh at hughw@teamunbreakable.ca Please review our committee summary below and what each committee does to determine where you think you would best fit.

Events Committee

Team Unbreakable has several awareness and fundraising events each year, and we are always looking for great people to help organize, plan and deliver them. We need help with sponsorship, event marketing, logistics, onsite support, and more. If you like engaging with the community and having a great time, please consider participating on our Events team. You can help with one or several – you decide.

Volunteer Committee

Finding great people to help us take some work(!), so perhaps you’d like to help coordinate and recruit volunteers for our programs and events.

Communications Committee

Communications strategy and implementation including newsletter, websites, social media, event and program communications support (anyone with video editing experience or web development we definitely could use your expertise!

Program Committee

Contribute toward making Team Unbreakable programs the best possible. Currently, we are looking for volunteers to enhance the Team Unbreakable Teen Run Program experience and curriculum.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee

Without funds, there’s no Team Unbreakable – and we need even more to be able to grow and meet the demand for our programs in schools and communities throughout southern Ontario. Fundraising support is needed to help grow and manage donor base, corporate giving, grant opportunities, and sponsorships. Make a significant difference in the lives of young people by helping us raise funds for our programs.

Outreach Committee

Community outreach programs including our high school youth speaking program, parent and educator speaking program and community speaking program.