THE ORIGIN OF Team Unbreakable

On February 14, 2005, Cameron took his own life. He was nineteen. He believed there was nothing to live for; his pain and despair were just too great. He could not see the beautiful young man in the mirror. Even the people who loved him most could not pull him back from the darkness. He killed himself not realizing that there were many, many reasons to live.

“That day I died too, and I just had to start a new life,” says David Harris, Cameron’s father. “I had to be willing to admit that life would never be the same again.”

“People grieve in different ways,” says Harris, and for him, it was motivation to do something. He committed to two major goals. The first was to run 19 consecutive marathons in Mississauga, in memory of Cameron. The second goal was to help others. In doing so, David founded CameronHelps in 2005, and developed the lighthouse symbol to represent a beacon of light.