THE ORIGIN OF Team Unbreakable

On February 14, 2005, Cameron died by suicide. He was nineteen. He could not see the beautiful young man in the mirror. He died not realizing that there were many, many reasons to live.

“That day I died too, and I just had to start a new life,” says Dave Harris, Cameron’s father. “I had to be willing to admit that life would never be the same again.”

“People grieve in different ways,” says Dave, and for him, it was motivation to do something. He committed to help others so they would never have to experience such a loss and so their kids could more easily get the help they needed.  So, Dave and some passionate friends founded CameronHelps in 2005.

The organization’s first logo (below) reflects the beacon of light the group strove to provide.

By 2006, CameronHelps had received charitable status to promote youth mental health and advocate for improvements in treatment and funding.   One thing that Dave found helped him cope was running.  A chance encounter at the Mississauga Marathon led Dave to a unique run therapy program run by Dan McGann at Credit Valley Hospital.  Dave was invited to run with the youth as a coach, and at the next CameronHelps Board meeting, everyone knew what they should become – and with a little work, study and lots of inspiration, the Team Unbreakable run program was born.

Fast forward through several years and successful programs in Halton, Peel and Toronto, the board in 2018 chose to rebrand the organization to become “Team Unbreakable” and a focus on “Improving Youth Mental Health”…